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Current Projects

We have an exciting new film in the early stages of production...

which you can help shape!

We are seeking individual stories that can be described as “profiles in courage & bold initiative!” Do you know of an inspirational person or persons currently engaged in a successful effort to help solve a serious problem—either environmental or social—that would seem overwhelming or is getting ineffectual response from government or the corporate world? The individual efforts we seek could be entrepreneurial, artistic, activist...or an organized act of random kindness.

If you have a suggestion for such an effort, please e-mail us at: stories@habitatmedia.org


Recent Projects

GRAND WOMEN: Sub-Saharan Africa remains the region of the world most impacted by the HIV/AIDS pandemic - countries where gender inequalities make life brutally difficult for millions of African women who are raising an entire generation of young people orphaned by AIDS. The film we have in production presents a portrait of women who are part of an unprecedented inter-continental support network which empowers women-led households in Africa. A long overdue movement is stirring, one which many believe is the key to long-lasting change. The project includes a film for PBS and international broadcast, in conjunction with specialized versions for distribution to civic groups in the United States, Europe, and hundreds of community-based groups working with women throughout Africa. View our teaser here!
THE ECODISTRICTS SUMMIT: Habitat Media also produces web-based media to advance worthy projects by a variety of kindred non-profits.  EcoDistricts is a Portland-based group working to build (and rebuild) resilient neighborhoods, broaden social equity, and promote development that pulls less on the earth's life support systems. View our teaser for their Summit here!

PRICELE$$: Q: Why did the politician cross the road?  (see answer below) 

Is American democracy suffering from a wobble, and can it be fixed? Join us as we follow the money, from big industry campaign coffers to K Street and Capitol Hill, through two major American policies (farm & energy) and right back into the pockets of the same industries we began with! It'll be fun. Along the way we'll meet citizens who've felt the impact of these policies, and those who've decided to do something about it.

A: To get to a fundraising office and plead for bucks.

EMPTY OCEANS, EMPTY NETS, examines the full extent of the global fisheries crisis and the forces that continue to push many marine fish stocks toward commercial extinction. The show also documents some of the most promising and innovative work being done to restore fisheries and protect essential fish habitat. New market initiatives are examined that give consumers a powerful vote in deciding how our oceans are fished. Commentary is provided by fishermen and by many of the world's most respected marine and fisheries scientists.


FARMING THE SEAS explores the problems and potentials of marine aquaculture, a fast-growing but controversial industry that contributes a growing share of the world's seafood. Critics of the industry believe that some kinds of aquaculture, namely shrimp and salmon farms, result in a net loss of marine resources, adding further stress to beleaguered ocean fish stocks. The documentary examines industry efforts to address these problems and efforts to grow other species of fish and shellfish that may one day take pressure off the world's oceans.